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Welcome to deviseo-fret. International freight forwarder which provides you with fast, reliable and quality service.


#Happy birthday Deviseo Fret  !!!

Yes, Deviseo Fret already celebrates five years of existence , thanks to you, dear customers. You've been trusting us from the beginning. This adventure would never be the same without you, so we want to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We have a present for you, to let you celebrate with us :). You are the reason why we exist and you will always be our priority here at Deviseo Fret: for every prospect you recommend Deviseo Fret to and who ships a container via us, you'll receive a discount of 100€ on your next container shipping. This offer is only 3 months valid, so don't wait ;) and request your quote now on this link :



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